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Header Made with: Picasion

Used coding tutorials and pieces from: w3Schools

Error Message Generator

Neural Network Image Generator

VR Anime Character Maker (Can convert to work with MMD!)

Miku Miku Dance (easy to use 3D animation software)

Blender (3D Modeling and Animation software)

Upload Images to make an animated GIF

Spriters Resource

Pokemon Sprite Database

FireAlpaca (free drawing program!)

Medibang Paint (a very similar drawing program with cross-platform support!)

LMMS (free music making/VST DAW program!)

Ableton Live 10 Lite (Lite version of the professional DAW program Ableton offered until the end of 2020 if u register on their website!!)

CoolText Text Generator

Blinkie Maker (This website also has free gifs, you also can switch the language from french!)

LabChirb Sound Effect Generator

Bfxr Sound Effect Generator

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my name is charlie and i am so tired

if two guys were on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what